Nest Egg Builders

A 4-plex, or quadraplex as it is sometimes called, is the only true starter home. A person just starting out can buy a 4-plex, live in one of the one- or two-bedroom units, and rent the other three units.

The person gets married and moves into one of the larger units. The couple has their first child and moves into one of the even larger units. The child grows to college age and the couple performs a cash-out re-finance to pay for the child’s college while still maintaining positive cashflow. 20 more years go by and the couple is ready to retire. The couple performs yet another cash-out re-finance, still maintains positive cashflow, and has a lump sum to travel the world or pay for medical expenses. All this on just one of our 4-plexes. Imagine what you can do with 2 or more.

Contact us today about our many planned subdivisions of 4-plexes.

Veterans and disabled Veterans can use their VA home loan for a 0% down purchase of one of our 4-plexes. 75% of the income from the property counts towards your qualification of the loan.

Civilians and Veterans can use their FHA home loan in a similar manner.